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If you trust in God, life will be better

Big John
15 December 1952
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I am a KJ (karaoke jockey), a DJ, MC and an Audio/Video Specialist (corporate and law firm video production) and a part-time Booking Agent in the Cleveland area. Born and raised Roman Catholic in Cleveland, Ohio and I love it. Both being Catholic and living in Cleveland. No better place to live, work, have fun. Surrounded by the arts and so many different venues of music, entertainment and cultures (culture for me means music and food, lots and lots of different kinds of food). The variety of music and ethnic festivals here is incredible. My ethnic background is Eastern European, Slovak/Ukrainian. Again, I love Cleveland and North East Ohio. I love meeting new people and I have friends of all ages and backgrounds. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are two of my favorite singers, but I am open to all kinds of music and interests. I've been divorced since 1991. I have two beautiful daughters, one granddaughter, and two grandsons. Notice! i didn't mention sports. Eventhough Cleveland is also a great sports town, i'm just not much into sports. Email me or add me to your friends list if you want to know more!